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The Inheritance Games

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Hachette UK
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The Inheritance Games #1
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Ugh..such a good book. 5/5. This book has one of the most unique stories. Riddles and mansions, and so many unanswered questions. Form the very start you’ll get hooked. The story is very fast paced and every page is filled with adventure. The love triangle is amazing. I loved this book. Definitely recommend.
16 January 2021 (19:51) 
I give this a 10/10 because it’s so good. It got me hooked from the first chapter. A very fast paced book. All the riddles and mysteries are soo good I didn’t expect it. I tried to guess the ending but NO. The ending got me shook.
01 March 2021 (05:47) 
This book. OMG! I did not see that coming! So good!
19 March 2021 (15:43) 
This book just blown your mind! Amazingly written with clever riddles all over book plus scorching hot chemistry between characters. This book has everything!
19 March 2021 (18:29) 
jusy stop and read this book
i read this in a day and it had me hooked from the first sentence
24 March 2021 (22:05) 
cool lol, i loved it. SOIKE! haven't even read it yet lol. maybe later, or not...
07 April 2021 (23:46) 
One of the best suspense book I've read so far...the plot was superb...at no point I felt like keeping it down..quite addictive... including riddles was best part... definitely a 10/10
25 April 2021 (21:53) 
A fast-paced book that keeps you reading and longing for more. The ending made me scream "I freaking knew it!" I actually had guessed the ending, but there were other plot-twists that I wasn't expecting. Lots of plot-twists! 5/5
27 April 2021 (05:34) 
it was fast paced and amazing, quite a good book 8/10. got sooooo invested and REALLY need the sequel,
01 May 2021 (20:24) 
it was really underwhelming, the ending was really disappointing
02 May 2021 (05:18) 
It's now my favorite book until forever hopefully, are we getting it's sequel anytime soon? It's the best book I've read this year aah?❤️
Heey book lovers, can I get more book suggestions from you guys? I'm hungry
10 May 2021 (21:24) 
The book got me back into reading. It was fast paced and was just so good from beginning to end. Can’t wait for the sequel
16 May 2021 (09:25) 
4/5 stars for me! The mystery + drama + four handsome grandsons were more than enough to get me hooked. Definitely enjoyed reading this book. The hype is real. JBL is a genius. Read this book now.
20 May 2021 (08:04) 
Fantasy lover
I can't wait for the book 2
21 May 2021 (23:05) 
5/5 uhm i’m sorry but team grayson
26 May 2021 (03:47) 
10/10 this book was the best I've read so far this year!!!
05 June 2021 (22:12) 
Hands down, MY FAVE BOOK OF ALL TIME and ive been reading for 6 years
10 June 2021 (21:28) 
This book is really cool. It have such an addictive story line and so many secrets and plot twists you'd love it. Honestly I couldn't stop once I started.
13 June 2021 (09:51) 
amazing story line with mysteries and drama 10/10 recommend. Can’t wait for the second!
24 June 2021 (12:58) 
I hope the BOOKNERD is right
01 July 2021 (16:25) 
I absolutely loved this book!! It had romance and mystery. Can’t wait for the n cut book in September!!
01 July 2021 (18:01) 
A wonderful read. I hope you enjoy it too
06 July 2021 (12:24) 
Just stop and read this fucking book. It’s literally so good and full of twists. And the good thing is, the twists are small, like they come one at a time so you can catch on and not get confused? I don’t know how to explain this shit but just read it.
07 July 2021 (19:03) 
I was immediately hooked - very interesting plot. I loved the characters, the mystery, and the little romance. I love that it focuses more on the mystery at hand rather than the romance.
13 July 2021 (04:07) 
17 July 2021 (08:27) 
I'll give it a 10 stars out of 5
17 July 2021 (11:25) 
This book is EVERYTHING!!!
Fast paced,amazing plot,amazing writing, great puzzles.
Also team Grayson...sorry Jamson
19 July 2021 (22:36) 
Another book that I had expected to be overhyped but I could not have been more wrong. It was a very good lecture and I could not wait to read the last 20 pages and see what ending the author had come up with. I will definitely read the sequel as well, which I hope will give us more Avery-Grayson moments.
23 July 2021 (18:07) 
I’m a sucker for mystery books — this one’s the BOMB really! Immediately hooked from the start and super hyped reading throughout. I predicted some parts though but nonetheless a good 4.5/5 for me ⭐️ SUPER EXCITED FOR THE HAWTHORNE LEGACY ON 09/07!
29 July 2021 (06:57) 

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